Excel Mini Course in English

Enjoy Skype lessons with me – live, from your home with the support of the internet!

Are you looking for an Excel course but there is no teacher, nor a training course nearby?

Do you have a tight schedule no organised Excel course would fit into?
Are you at home with your children but you would like to return to your professional career where Excel is required for all positions, but you are not able to commit yourself to any Excel course with a fixed timetable?

PalosIldiko-199x300Hi, I am Ildikó Pálos, a private Excel teacher and an organisation developer. I have studied economics and have been working as a manager both at multinational and local companies in different industries for more than 10 years. I have had to use both Excel and Open Office constantly.

As an organisation developer I have executed several job interviews for a wide range of positions, thus I know what the expectations are in an interview.

It is my pleasure to help you improve your Excel skills in a very effective way and within short time.

One Excel course consists of 4-6 90-minute lecture, depending on your level and the goal you wish to achive. This will ensure a spectacular development in your Excel skills! If you are not satisfied with your progress, I am happy to refund you the price of the course.

If you are interested or you have any question, just do not hesitate to call me now +36 30 773 9410 or contact me via email – ildiko@exceltitok.hu.

Why learning Excel via Skype?

  • you can be anywhere in the country/ world, there is no geographical limit to your learning. You can sit in your armchair at home or be in your office – it does not matter. You are using your own computer.
  • there is no time wasted on travelling
  • it is the method of the 21st century and is cost effective
  • just as effective as if I were sitting right next to you in person
  • you are the only person in the course and we can keep your pace and rhythm
  • we can agree on schedules that fit you the best: you can be an early bird or work late in the evening or even be free only at the weekends: I am available.

How does an Excel lesson via Skype work?

  • we connect to each other via Skype – I call you via Skype at the agreed upon time and send you the exercises
  • while talking, you share your screen with me. This is a free application in Skype. Thus, I can see your screen and everything you are doing in your Excel spreadsheet
  • from this point onwards everything runs exactly as if I were sitting next to you: I explain to you all the necessary information about a given topic while going through several examples together.

You do not have to guess if it works with you too, or not. I offer you a 20 minute free trial lesson.

Some feedback from those who have already gone through the Excel adventure:

I have a law degree, and prior to the course I was only familiar with the in and outs of Microsoft Word, but whenever I had to use Excel, I was forced to beg for someone for help from others.

Now I can proudly say that after five Skype lessons I am able to confidently use Excel for everything I need: for example when I had to draw up the multi-annual budget and business plan of a company on my own, I had the necessary knowledge for it (functions, formulas, cell formatting, graphs, etc.).

Learning through Skype was very effective for me, because I didn’t have to travel anywhere (saving me a lot of time and money), instead, I had my lessons in the evening in front of my computer.

Thanks to the screen share function of Skype the communication was just as effective as if I had Ildikó sitting right there next to me.
I can highly recommend this method for others!

Call me now +36 30 773 9410 or contact me via email – ildiko@exceltitok.hu – and reserve an appointment for the free Excel trial lesson on Skype.

The lessons I had with Ildiko Palos significantly broadened my horizons regarding the capacity and usefulness of the Excel. While I was aware of many functions beforehand; after each class, I became more comfortable using them and understanding them.

We were able to cover the topics that were the most useful for my type of a position which is a business analyst. Some of the topics covered, and now I can say grasped, are “VLOOKUP”, conditional formatting, charts, and a variety of maneuvers with pivot tables, and even basic macros that would make my everyday work routines much smoother and quicker.

Beside the job specific functions mentioned above, I have learned a lot regarding logical formulas such as “COUNTIF”,”OR/AND”, etc. Not only that I managed to grasp the usage of the mentioned functions; moreover, Ildiko made sure that I understand the reasoning behind each one of them.

The key to mastering Excel skills is comprehension of the logical order and rationale behind the function steps which enables one to use the program in the most efficient manner; and I was lucky enough to be given this “key”!

I would recommend, without any hesitation, this course to anyone who would like to utilize Excel tools in everyday activities as well as specific work projects. Even though, I have completed only one round of six lessons, I already feel much more prepared for any future projects that involve complex purely mathematical and as well as financial modeling.

Kristina Zivkov

Call me now +36 30 773 9410 or contact me via email – ildiko@exceltitok.hu – and reserve an appointment for the free Excel trial lesson on Skype.

As a re-starter with existing advanced knowledge, I had specific questions in my head and an eagerness to learn when I found Exceltitok. I loved the fact that I could start immediately and didn’t have to waste time on travelling, finding a group that would accommodate me.

I enjoyed all the advantages of private tutoring: we could advance fast and the material was tailored to my needs with extensive practice.

I was a bit reserved about how I would be able to understand everything, as learning through Skype is still a new practice, but the screen sharing function cleared up all my doubts, as my tutor, Ildikó, was able to see everything I was doing in the program, just as if she was standing right next to me in a classroom environment.

I can only recommend this service. Currently I am looking for Skype lessons in a different field. Thank you for everything!


Have I piqued your curiosity?

Sounds good, but you are still a bit unsure?

That’s normal.

In order to try risk-free whether learning Excel via Skype is something for you, I would like to offer you a free 20-minute lesson. Remember: this is free and there is no commitment on your side.

During this lesson we will start going through a starter exercise. This enables you to check if this way of learning is suitable to you and if I am the right teacher for you. I can gauge your existing skills in Excel: what are you familiar with and what areas we need focus on.

If the trial lesson is to your liking, we can set up the next appointment. You only have to pay at this point if you commit yourself to a course. You can pay via wire, of course upon invoice.

If you feel learning Excel via Skype is not your cup of tea, I will be grateful that you have given me a chance, and we say good-bye to each other without any negative feelings.

So, what have you got to lose? That’s right: nothing! 🙂

Call me still today  +36 30 773 9410 or send me an email – ildiko@exceltitok.hu – and reserve an appointment for the free Excel trial lesson on Skype!

Or if you have any question, just do not hesitate and ask me!
Hope to see you soon in your very own prive Excel training!

After 3 years of maternity leave, I thought it would be high time I refreshed and developed my outdated knowledge of Excel. With the help of the training material and the programme of Exceltitok and under the tutelage of Ildikó, I managed to reach this goal very fast.

In the course of our Skype lessons I successfully re-acquainted myself with Excel. I wish you success in your further endeavours and even more successful students!   


I work for a small company in Esztergom. Recently I was promoted to a new position that required a high level knowledge of Excel, and because I had to take over the job from my predecessor quickly, I didn’t have time to attend your course. Therefore, I didn’t think I’d choose learning through Skype.

It was good, although it is probably more personal face to face. Thank you for all the useful material; it is amazing how much I hadn’t known before the lessons. I loved the keyboard shortcuts the most; you have completely changed how I look at Excel.